Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I'm Coming Out

     My label is visible now, but only if you know where to look.

     That's me in first grade. I probably had it then but didn't know, thank God.
     Sometimes I relive those first few days of school, away from my mother, surrounded by children who were so different from me. We were all scared but not for very long because our teacher was so nice.
     You're probably thinking, "Oh, I think about those days, too, sometimes. Big deal."
     That's what I want you to think.
     I also want you to stop and remember the way it felt when your mind suddenly drifted back to first grade. Was it a nice little trip? (That's a BIG clue, but I only have a few days to tell this part of the story.)
     Elementary school was fun most of the time. I'll get back to that later.
     Middle school was complicated, especially when the "gifted program" arrived in seventh grade. Being in that class sometimes brought out the devil in me. (Another clue)
     My teacher caught me doing something one day -- I can't remember what -- and called me an "instigator." When I looked the word up in a dictionary, it didn't sound so bad.
     I AM an instigator..but that's not my label.
     It means "troublemaker," by the way. It's fun and I'm very good at it, so consider yourself warned. You can stop reading at any time, but then you would miss out on the high school days...