Friday, October 30, 2015

Stop and Smell the...


     Today I am Charlie Gordon. I tried to write about college this afternoon but couldn't quite find a way to describe how different Chapel Hill is from my hometown. They're less than 30 miles apart, but it was and still is a different a good way.
     I'm not going there tonight because, like I said, Charlie has taken over and is experiencing the regression phase of the experiment. 
     My November 1 deadline is going to pass, but there is no editor breathing down my neck. I wanted to Come Out that day because people like me will be in the spotlight next month even though most of us are ashamed to tell anyone. (Tonight's hint.)
    I'm still peeking out from behind the closet door, but at least it's open now.
    Daniel Keys had some interesting ideas about inclusion, according to Wikipedia. I'm too much like Charlie tonight to properly research and delve further into them, but you might want to check it out for yourself sometime.