Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Cup of Joe

     I had another seizure in my kitchen this morning. Nothing major..I was thinking about first grade again and there I went, back to Henry Siler Elementary School. So, I put the kettle of boiling water back on the stove, walked over to the couch and did my thing...staring into space until it was over.
     I feel 100 times better than I yesterday.
    That's how it seems to work. There hasn't been time to think about the Reset Effect yet. (Now, the earliest I can get my driver's license back is June 1.)
     Reality will sink in, but I'm enjoying the afterglow of "going there and coming back" again. In other words, reality is out of reach for me at the moment, and I don't mind at all.
     The rain outside doesn't bother me the way it did yesterday.
     Life is fluorescent.
     My wings are back.
     Should I thank or curse my temporal lobe for putting me here?
     I refuse to do either.
     Instead, I'm going to stay on the ride and see where it takes me...with my chemical seat belt on, just in case things get bumpy along the way.