Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Grease is the word...

     She loved Grease.
     It radiated from her when she listened to it on her headphones....Love.
     You could see her imagining to be Sandy, or I could, when I watched her listening. She was in another world, the way I used to be, when I listened to those songs...a world where she can decide which Pink Lady to be.
     So many choices are made for her.
     I always picked Sandy, but for all I know, she could've been attending Rydell as Frenchy or Rizzo or even Kenickie, I guess.
     But something tells me she was Sandy. That's the name I hear her saying in my head.
    Grease was an escape from all the demands placed on her. and oh, how it took her away.
    It took me away, too, the intensity of her joy.
    I could see the feelings wash over her note by note because she didn't try to hide them like the rest of us do.
    It just happened, and she let it.
    So, in this way, her breaks became my breaks, too.
    I could hear the music leaking out, she played it so loud.
    She must've realized early on that, like her, I knew all the words, even though we didn't sing together. I sang them with her in my head, going back in time to middle school...late nights, dancing with my friends, trying to figure things out before it was our turn for real.
    It was easy to see who her Danny was because she did little things throughout the day to get his attention, like knocking his toothbrush into the sink...nobody else's, just his.
     When it tipped over and got all germy, her efforts were rewarded by the thrill of hearing his frustrated little squeal.
    It made her giggle. Me too, but not out loud.
    She was always up to something, barging into his quiet with her music and mess, and his eyes were always slipping her way, waiting...
     I felt like a voyeur, seeing something I shouldn't, but unable to look away.
     I wasn't remembering my middle school years any longer, nor was I seeing the bouncing ponytail of Olivia Newton-John.
     There was a more spectacular show going on around me with an updated cast of characters.
     My quiet boy, who spent so much time in a world I couldn't enter, came out of it to be in hers.
     Danny loved Sandy, too, and I think she knew it.