Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The best Coach

     "All behavior is learned," she said.
     Inside, I cringed.
     Outside, I didn't say anything. It hurt...a lot..but I held it in.

     "Who taught me to have seizures?" I wanted to ask.
     "Who taught me to drive into a house?" I wanted to ask.
     "Who taught me to DO THIS THING THAT I CAN'T CONTROL?!!" I wanted to scream, but I didn't. I held it in.
       (Most of them didn't know about this thing, btw.)
      I put on my mask and pretended to agree with her.
      She wasn't hitting all the right notes, but I liked her tune, and so did the children. They danced to it, the way they were supposed to, usually.

     "We're all here for a paycheck," she continued, "It's the same with our students. Give them something to work for!"
     "But I'm not here for a paycheck," I said to myself.
     If that had come out of my mouth, I would've fit in even less than I already did.
     They weren't there for the paychecks, either, not really.
     They cared too much about "getting it right" to only be there for the paychecks. It didn't make sense, that part of her argument.
     They cared about the children, especially my little misfits. I could tell.
     Why else would they listen to someone half their age telling them how to do their jobs better?
     They listened so closely to her because they wanted to understand our secret ways of getting the children to behave themselves in class. They saw it working for us and wanted to learn how to do it, too.
     Coach was there to show them the way, and this reporter kept her mouth shut so she could.