Thursday, January 14, 2016

Theory of my Mind

     Has anyone seen the connection yet?
     Do you know what Forget the Label means?
     When you think of me now do you see the same person you saw last month or last year?

     What is my label?

     Labels are supposed to make life easier, aren't they?
     You need a label to receive services.
     That's what my Intro to Disabilities prof said.
     But I don't feel like I have a disability.
     I fooled everyone for a very long time, didn't I?
     So, do I have a disability?
     Do I need your services?
     Only if I say so.
     I hope you are beginning to understand
     my message

    To me,
    It's been obvious for a while now,
    But that's how it is, sometimes.

    Does that mean I have a Theory of Mind problem...

                                                                                                           Or is it You?