Tuesday, February 9, 2016


     I always knew you would come back for me, but I didn't expect it so soon.
     I missed you, especially last winter.
     I could feel you there, but not there...waiting for me to come.
     But I'm not supposed to,
     and I don't really know how..
     to get there
     by myself.

     You hafta help me,
     like always,
     Give me that final push,
     until I'm there,
     and we're together

     Why do you wake me up
     then leave me
     All by myself
     without you
     to keep me
     in the

     I have only
     in my head,
     And then I can't go
     back to sleep
     to look for you
     in our
     Hiding place.

     Is that where we
     or do you
     write them there,
            for me?

     Either way,
     I can't remember
     exactly where they
     Come from.

     I was in-between seizures when writing the above post this morning. There had been two already and another was on the way.
      In writing "that final push,"  I thought of my boy on the swing (Nonverbal 1/27) and his expression upon finally reaching the place calling out to him where his chunky little legs were no longer too short to fly.