Monday, February 15, 2016


     A fellow military person explained to me what I had done wrong and why I was being punished.
     She told me I broke the chain of command and then asked me to consider what would happen in "our world" to someone who did that.
     It kept me from being so angry at my principal because I knew she was following orders from up the chain of command, whatever she decided to do with me.
     No one else sat down in my classroom with me like that and talked about it, explaining "the other side" that way.
     They knew, but didn't know how to help me.
     There was no hiding my new label, although I didn't know what it said yet. It was like that game where the hostess tapes a name on your back and you try to figure out who you are before the night's over.
     Her explanation showed me what my mistake was really about, to the system, and it was a hint of hings to come.
    Privates don't talk to generals, and they never go to the Commandant's office unless it's for an award, with a special invitation and photographers present.
    The system had to punish me to protect itself. That's how it works.
    My lesson wasn't for me because it was already too late for that.
    It was for everyone else to watch, as a warning not to do the same thing.
    I hope they learned a lot.