Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The S-word

     Yesterday was a success, because I made my editor laugh in a big way. She caught the best mistake ever, in one of my stories.
     I don't read them once I leave the house because then I would see new mistakes to change. 
     If I had found this one while sitting in Springfield Mall, unable to change it, I'm not sure what I would've done, probably exploded in a fit of giggles.
     That's what happened yesterday, when I went back to my story and found the mistake.
     My Aunt Jean was my first editor. She worked in the front office of my hometown newspaper. She helped me get a job interview there and read all my stories before they came out, circling the typos so I could print out the right words, letters and punctuation marks.
     My worst fear was accidentally typing "i" instead of "o" when reporting basketball games. I did not want the boys at school teasing me (in a good way) about writing that word in a story instead of "shot."
     Donald, the sports editor, usually caught my big mistakes. 
     Football games were the worst. I  mixed up the middle of the field and wrote "55-yard-line" in my notes. 
     That mistake never made it in print but he pretended to be mad and confused when he saw it over and over. I could tell he wasn't really, so it was a fun place to work.
     The only thing I remember being a little bit embarrassed about is a mistake I made at first, writing "points" instead of "runs" in baseball scores. The players let me know about that error, and it didn't take long before I caught those on my own.
     That's why yesterday's typo was so funny. 
     When I finally got home from the mall and other places, I checked my email and there it was. My editor was "laughing her head off" at something in my F-word story. "Look at the part where you write about the dog," she said.
     At least she was laughing...Did I put the wrong dog's name? Did I accidentally write someone else's name instead of "Maggie?"
    Never did I expect that word to be glaring up at me from my own blog...and in such a perfect place! It was there waiting for me by the door, like Maggie (correct name, btw).
     I took it out and the giggling set in.
     Had anyone noticed, besides my editor?
     Did it even matter?
     I'm not sure if my sons or husband understood why it was so funny as I tried to explain it between the release of emotion.
     Did my original editor slip that word into my writing to remind me it's not such a big deal to make mistakes, even for the whole world to see?
     I sure hope so.