Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Spins

     Last night was a different kind of wake-up call.
     The movie was good; I gave it a mental two thumbs up. If I were a reviewer, for real, I would throw a middle finger in there, too, because that's the kind of movie it was.
     The way he got his powers was creepy and cool at the same time, like my seizures minus the torture. The bad guy was cuter than the good guy and his accent rocked. Like I said, two thumbs up.
     After I got home, I took the extra 2 mg of my new medicine, making sure it was from the right bottle and not the 4 mg one. I counted all three pills on my tongue, to make sure...2, 4, 6.
     There are 2s written on each tiny pill. At first, I thought they were Zs.
     I brushed my teeth and went downstairs to wait. It was only Dave, Caramel and me at home.
     Eating frosting right after brushing my teeth wasn't the smartest plan, but it's what I was going to do when I headed back to the living room with a can of Hershey's chocolate caramel in hand.
     It was still sitting there at 3 a.m. when I came downstairs and felt like myself again.
     Something in the extra 2 mg hit me before I made it back to the couch. My vision was fine, but I swerved around on the way and felt really warm when I got there.
     It wasn't scary yet, though. I felt suddenly drunk and wondered if I would be silly later.
     I changed the channel to ID so I could listen to the Homicide Hunter's voice. Maybe he could keep me here in reality, I thought, but it didn't work. His voice was there but miles away, like something from 1974.
     Memories from that year weren't there for me either, I couldn't find them. It was hot.
     I took my boots off without sitting up, lying on the couch, waiting.
     Maybe I should text or Snap someone to calm me down...No, that would be a mistake. I didn't know what was happening yet, so what would I say?
     I left it on the end table by the canned frosting and forced myself  to remember when I had felt like that before.
     It was June, 2013.
     I was alone on a balcony and wanted desperately to  be somewhere else.
     That was enough to make me remember...I returned to the couch.
     I was going to throw up. That terrible feeling inside my head was nausea, but it was taking much too long to build up in my head. It hadn't reached my stomach yet.
      Good. The pills must stay down.
      If they came up, I wouldn't be allowed to take them again for another 24 hours.
      It felt like there was already too much of something in my head, something bad. I counted my breaths and wanted Maggie there at my feet.
      If the medicine came up, my brain would hold up a Help Wanted sign, and the seizures would show up, looking for jobs to do inside my head.
     I decided to wait outside.
     The tile on my porch felt good under my feet and even after I sat down on the steps, through my jeans. The temps were around freezing, but my coat stayed inside.
     My skin needed to feel the air.
     I thought about calling over to my neighbor, who was unloading stuff from her car.
     I remembered the kids and teachers at my old school where she works, but even they couldn't take me away.
     It was a bad state to be in, stuck on my front porch, fully away of the trouble still brewing inside me, unable to distract myself.
     I bypassed the bathroom on my way back to the couch. Smelling the chlorine in the bowl is enough to make me puke, if my face is close enough.
     Dave was outside, but I didn't realize it until later. I called for him from the top of the basement stairs, not trusting myself  to walk down there. Something was "off" in my balance but I didn't feel it until I swerved.
     I told myself to breathe and keep it down.
     Detective Joe Kenda was unreachable.
     At first glance, I know what he would say, anyway.
     I looked like a drunk person with a bad case of  "the spins." The only thing missing from my current scenario was a bucket and one leg on the floor.
     The "throwing-up" stage was coming next, but how long would it take to reach me?

Pop Quiz

(Match the Rebel Pets)

Caramel     Cat
  Dave          Dog
    Maggie      Snake

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