Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Short List

     I'm just now starting to realize what a horrible thing my doctors did to me last month when I went to them for treatment. The brand-new, expensive anticonvulsant was making me totally wacko, so I went to the hospital to protect myself and my family from the bizarre thoughts going through my head.
     I was chastised for not making an appointment first, even though doing so would surely have delayed treatment and possibly led to me being transported in an ambulance or even worse, a helicopter. Then, I was basically handed over to the psychiatric staff, who decided my drug reaction was in reality a sudden onset of bipolar disorder.
     Instead of receiving any sedatives to relieve my extreme anxiety or calm my racing mind, I was kept awake and forced to instead talk my way through it in the hopes that I might finally have a seizure while hooked up to EEG wires.
     It took a couple of days for me to reach the point of exhaustion so that I finally did have one of my "events" because, as I have said on numerous occasions to my doctors, I do not usually have them when someone is watching me. It's something that happens when my mind wanders and drifts away on its own.
     So now, after this latest experience with modern medicine, I can add doctors to the list of people I will never again trust to treat me with any sense of respect or humanity.
     Pretty soon, the only ones left on my list of trustworthy souls will be animals, children and other freaks like myself. Thank God, there are plenty of us around to keep each other company.